Cllr Seamus Treanor announces re-election bid

The Doc

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May 12, 2018

Independent Councillor in Monaghan Seamus Treanor has announced his intention to contest the local elections. First elected to the County Council in 2009, he’s become well-known for his views on immigration and migrants.

He’s announced his candidacy for the local elections on May 24th saying “there’s no difference between all the four main parties”, with the same views on immigration, housing, taxation and carbon taxes.
He’s to campaign on a platform of opposing carbon taxes, what he’s described as “uncontrolled immigration” and on calls for the reopening of a 24 hour A&E at Monaghan Hospital.

Some good news on the local election front. He has an almost certain chance of winning.

Will he be standing for The National Party? He's spoken at several of their meetings and he is a member.


Saul Goodman

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Sep 26, 2018
from Seamus election leaflet

"with regard to immigration ,I have no problem with any person or family coming to this country to work or start a business,provided they can pay for their own housing and provide for their families themselves and obey our laws and customs"

"I also object to the unfair allocation of 22 houses to economic migrants last year in county Monaghan on the instructions of the department of justice.There is a 4000 grant available for furniture and household items.They get full access to social welfare,medical cards and pensions. Local people on the housing list for many years were pushed aside and houses were allocated to migrants who never spent a day on the housing waiting list"

"The silence was deafening from my colleagues in Monaghan county council chamber as most of them were towing the party line.The only councillor who objected in the county council chamber was myself"

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