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Morgoth's Review China and the West - Inverse Social Credit Systems


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Dec 15, 2018
Very interesting presentation from Morgoth on the contrast between the overt Social Credit System of China and the West's covert systems (for now).
China's system uses social credit as a means of pushing citizens towards being productive and functioning members of society by encouraging family values, respect for the law and nation and patriotism, charitable acts and good social/neighborly behavior. The Wests system uses political correctness to undermine family values, encourage lawlessness and endless questioning of ones history and origins, mocks or subverts patriotism, uses charities/NGOs to further undermine indigenous groups and encourage diversity and lack of social cohesion and offers little or no benefit for being social or neighborly

The likes of Dave Cullen constantly fret about China Style Social Credit system being rolled out in the west. If only
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Nov 16, 2015
Good post.

Yes indeed.
If we are going to try to control people and keep millions of them working together in a society,
then at least be honest about it and do it for well thought out structural reasons that they can all see some benefit from.
And provide a decent reward system for people if they choose to work together for common benefit
while isolating all the selfish wankers that undermine and destroy what others have tried to build.

At least the Chinese system is collectivist in nature and not encouraging of complete selfishness and individualism, unlike the system here.
The western system of deceit that we live under is just a plutocracy which systematically destroys the fabric of society to benefit a few at the top.
In fact. you'll notice that they actually shot their corrupt banksters in China. Wheras we just let them go free!

The response to Covid is a demonstration of the superiority of the Chinese system in coping with
societal wide problems. Here we get hoaxtards on the streets willing to let others die for "muh freedumbs"
It's a complete mess.

(And the fact that the virus likely originated in China is neither here nor there when discussing the response to it!)
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