Build the damn thing already! Another Trump plan to build the Wall

Olli Rehn

Oct 30, 2015
Censored zone of Political Irish. Soon deported.
I've discussed private matters with OG PI people on here (ones who completely disagreed with my world view once) yet they've never publically aired my private information or made digs at my family. Olli, you aren't meant for politics.

Just hitting back at someone who hits me.
And it was not me who started it....

El Chaval.

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Oct 31, 2015
The humanitarian argument is of course most popular because it tugs on people's heart strings. We are a nation of immigrants and the Zeroth Amendment (i.e. everyone has a right to immigrate to the US). The argument that it is hostile to Mexico is another one that's dusted off and trotted out.

The fact of the matter is (and this can be seen by the rise of the tokens running the Democrat Party, a Dominican and a Black Moslem), without the 1965 Immigration Act and the subsequently nearly unfettered legal and illegal immigration form the third-world, the party would have been long be dead meat long ago. Any serious talk of curtailing immigration represents an existential threat to Democrats. As happened with Reagan Democrats who abandoned the Reps in droves, whites (excepting environmentalist and LGBTQXYZ kooks) will not necessarily leave the party, they simply will no longer vote.
There is no moral argument against it.
Currently there is a fence there.
One cant say a wall is racist but a fence is not racist.
Either you oppose both or you are a spoof.

Deleted member 1984

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Let us see who derails this thread:

You claim I am getting paid to post here.
You claim I am a "V-Mann"
You claim I am on medication.
All without proof.
You do all this on a frequent basis

You tick all boxes for bullying other posters,pal!
You say you're on this website as some sort of observational experiment (I mean not surprised, you fit the creepy observant stereotype). You bring up someone's mother, end of.
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