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Build the damn thing already! Another Trump plan to build the Wall

Olli Rehn

Gone Fishing
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Oct 30, 2015
Censored zone of Political Irish. Deported soon...
Olli isn't paid to think for himself. He's paid to troll, provide low-brow entertainment and support whatever population replacement schemes have been devised for Western countries. You're engaging in a dialogue with the deaf.
Paid trolls in a mental asylum? You are as dumb as fuck....

Deleted member 1984

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It seems they spend most of their time on GRINDR. Most of them are relatively stupid, but they are as doctrinaire as the day is long. There's really no sense in trying to re-program them either.
They're too far gone to be reinstated in rational human thought, they're slaves to digital popularity. Why do they linger on here? I think the original PIE posters need to crack up cause it's been months and they've been spouting their drivel with minimal counter-arguments.

Deleted member 1984

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I've discussed private matters with OG PI people on here (ones who completely disagreed with my world view once) yet they've never publically aired my private information or made digs at my family. Olli, you aren't meant for politics.
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