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Brexit Brexit Superthread


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Oct 30, 2015
Remainers seem to never tire of showing how out-of-touch they are with the general public.
I give you high profile journalist and arch-remainder Robert Peston.

Renainers see the last week with the resignation of remainer Conservative MPs and the various trivialities such as the fainting Police Woman as evidence that Johnson is a car crash PM.

Peston seems dumbfounded that the general public don't see it like that.
Well heres some new for Peston - the general public do not see Johnson as a car crash.

The General public is disgusted at Parliament failing to implement the will of the people and the one shining light in Parliament is Johnson who is single handled trying to barge through the wall of remainers attempting to prevent the will of the people being implemented.

The more the remainers attempt to put legal hoops in the way of Boris the more the general public will scream their support of Johnson as he barges through them sending them flying in every direction.

But not in the mind of Peston - Peston cant believe that this weekends Opinion Polls see the Conservative lead increasing.
What is wrong with those stupid voters - not only did they vote the wrong way in the referendum, they also are voting incorrectly in current opinion polls !!
Jul 31, 2017
As I stated before, if they want brexit and its not all about being personal gain, the two should do a deal, as otherwise a first past the post system could wreck them and continue this no brexit nonsense, the people of britain voted out of the EU. The idea that any of these shower that call themselves politicians in general of late are decent people, is laughable. When you remove retribution and accountability from politics you get total corruption thought out all systems of the state, Farage stood tall against the milkshakers and Boris got rid of a load of traitors that clearly don't represent those that elected them, that alone is a positive direction looking at the brits from afar. If they join up they can hopefully do something new in western politics of late, as in what the people actually want them to.

Nigel Farage will today offer Boris Johnson a “non-aggression pact” at the general election, which he says could lead to a 100-strong majority if the Tories and the Brexit Party work together.

The veteran Eurosceptic is extending an olive branch to Conservative Brexiteers, announcing for the first time that he will not stand candidates against the 28 members of the European Research Group (ERG) of hardliners who opposed Theresa May’s Brexit deal with Brussels.
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