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Did you ever hear of the Federal Tax Authority?
Why on earth would I be concerned about the United Arab Emirates? We're discussing the European Union, not the Gulf Cooperation Council. Are you all mixed up and turned about Todger?

VAT refund system for tourists in final stages — Federal Tax Authority

I'll help you out a little.Perhaps you mean the Internally Revenue Service?

Internal Revenue Service | An official website of the United States government
Nov 4, 2015
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Well, a Libtard homosexual would see things that way. But great men and women suffered and died for this nation's sovereignty - and we are not going to have it destroyed so that you can have cheaper KY Jelly.
Lol. On some homo mod would step in now to protect you, but that won't happen here. You will be beaten down and exposed for the thick ignorant spud eater you are.
But Gaddafi is supposed to have raped hundreds of men too. That would mean he was one of your gang.
Tell me, Deadbeat, how does it feel to have your dick in another man's excrement?
You homosexuals tend to hate patriotism.
So you are denying you are a homosexual?
Sorry Deadbeat, maybe your ass was worth paying for 40 years ago, but not now.
No, Patriots are laughing at you and your fellow homosaps.
So give up trying to sell your shitty old arse for stake dinners. You wouldn't even get a McDonalds happy meal.
How nice, they allow homosexual couples to adopt young boys now.
When I'm talking to homosexuals I like to acknowledge them.
Jaysus, Tadhgy!

That's a seriously unhealthy obsession you have there.
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