Blanchardstown Shopping Centre 26 December 2018 - most of the Shoppers are not even Irish - is this the Tipping Point?


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Sep 4, 2018
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I wonder if Blanchardstown will end up like Savile Town West Yorkshire in a few years time:

Savile Town is perhaps most famous for its role in the British Muslim community[1] and has experienced significant white flight, with the 2011 census recording a 93% Asian Muslim population and experiencing significant economic decline.[2] As reported in 2016, Savile town was the least indigenous town in the UK, with fewer than one per cent of its residents being indigenous white British.[3] The area is home to the Markazi mosque, which is run by Tablighi Jamaat,[4] which has caused mixed reactions. Some claim the mosque has added to racial segregation in Dewsbury.[5]
Savile Town - Wikipedia

This all happened within a couple of generations at most

IMO Blanchardstown will go the same way or something similar at the current rate of change....
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