Beware Ireland of George Soros

Dec 31, 2018
This is the notorious Liberal gangster who pushes unlimited immigration on unsuspecting Western nation

And in case you thought you were safe in the Burren or Connemara.,.away from the modern world......

Well guess what...... George Soros has designs on your community, just as he does for.Paris and Stockholm

There is no security used to be that they only targeted Big Cities with their unlimited immigration agenda

And we've all seen how that has fared for.cities like.Paris, Amsterdam and many a Scandinavian city

But be vigilant....... Soros isn't merely happy with these large modern cities

He's coming close to a village near you

Wake up Ireland..... reject George Soros plan
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Victor Crowley

PI Member
Jan 21, 2018
Soros's chief lickspittle in Ireland is of course the insufferably smug Colm O Gormless from Amnesty Ireland,a bearded twat who'd show up to the opening of a bag of crisps if he thought it would generate some media coverage!O Gormless likes to present himself as a saintly champion of the oppressed,but is really a highly paid,full time political activist,basically an 'enemy within',working round the clock to undermine and destroy any last vestiges of 'Irishness',a snake in the grass!
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