Are we being exposed to targeted manipulation of information?


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Feb 17, 2019
Yesterday I saw a notice from TCD requesting guinea pigs whose brain health, personality, etc would be assessed by the university. It sounded enticing as it included a free MRI scan of your brain. This usually costs around 300 Euro and there is a waiting list. The notice reported this would help volunteers gain understanding of their brain ageing, preventing alzheimers etc, and it seemed like lots of people were signing up. Today I read this article in the papers where the British minister of defence through the department of science and technology ,granted 92 million pounds to a project aimed at "understanding and influencing human behaviour. This invesitgation in human and social science may use psychologists, philosophers and teachers from the university of Cambridge to "understand and influence human behaviour"
In this article RT exposes this mind control, as they did previously in a video showing how the British government, created a "cluster"to spread Russiaphobia. It seems to suggest that those that fight against " fake news" are in fact creating fake news. The question is are we being exposed to targeted manipulation of information to modify our behaviour?
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