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Ireland Anti-Lockdown Candidate for Dublin Bay South By Election

The Potato Mystic

PI Member
Mar 17, 2016
McGrath must be the first candidate to actually stand for election to spite a small group of posters on an internet forum. So this forum can take a bow on that one.

Instead of crafting some election literature and (re?)acquainting himself with a constituency that's a province away; he's on here burning hours posting entire novels worth of material trying to impress us. The McGrath collection. I dunno if you are going to win the hearts of too many canvassers from here for your team, alas Michael.
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The Doc

The Doc

PI Member
May 12, 2018
People Before Profit have announced their candidate


PI Member
Nov 19, 2019
Chu Chu train derailed?

Of course the best thing for her would be to lose to Green nomination and then be selected by the SD's and blame her failure at selection by the Green's as being down to the patriarchy in the weed filled rooms of the Green Party.