An Irish and Scottish Union - An old idea Revisited

Tadhg Gaelach

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Jan 14, 2016

Edward the Bruce - the last Crowned Ard Rí Éireann

This morning I posted a delightful film about some very brave Jews in Palestine who are daring to speak the unspeakable - the fact that the Jews and the Palestinians are one and the same people - divided by time and empires that had nothing to do with them. But the call of their native blood to each other can never be silenced. You can watch that film here,

Palestinians of Jewish Stock

It would be hard for an Irishman to watch this film without thinking of our own tragic but beloved land, and our own war of brother against brother and sister against sister. Because there can be no doubt that most of the Loyalist community in the six counties come from the blood of the Gael. As my Comrade Dublin 4 pointed out to me, the only counties not included in the Plantation of Ulster where Antrim and Down. Why? Because there was no reason to plant these counties. The population there had been mixed with Western Scotland not for centuries - but for thousands of years. And if you consider that Donegal, Tyrone, Derry and Fermanagh now have Nationalist majorites, we must conclude that the Plantation of Ulster failed - just as all the other Plantations the English forced on us failed.

But Antrim and Down maintain their particular Scottish characteristic - not from any English design, but from the natural sisterhood between Ireland and Scotland.

Indeed, it is really the south of Ireland that came most under English cultural domination - not Ulster. That is plain for any fool to see, as we see the utter low lives of Leinster House and the ISIS Times falling over themselves to present themselves as "mature" Anglo-Saxons (though they are horrified by any real Anglo-Saxon that stands up for England being English).

Well, I'm afraid what I'm saying here will probably come across as just as mad as those brave Jews in Palestine who state the obvious - We are all Palestinians! And no doubt I face no danger in saying what I say, unlike those Jews. But, mar sin féin, I urge once again the idea of a Federated Ireland and Scotland. This is the call of our blood.
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