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Blog All Time Classic: Utah Saints - Something Good it going to happen 2008 & the Classic of that earlier Classic

  • Moderator

A busy era for your Champ

Your Champ was a busy man & the Enemies of Ireland were queueing up for a pop back then too.

At least those Enemies faced you, unlike the Vermin of the Gaystapo & Ziomatrix.

Your Champ had the drop then & after Champ Intervention, Ireland's Enemies are in agony now.

Many times I danced to this number wondering if I've get of the Dancefloor, a great number from the Live or Die Era!

Come on Ireland!

No-one could break us before & no-one ever will.

The Subhuman Ziomatrix EU & UK are on their Knees.

The Sons of Ireland are rising.

Blood against Gold 2..​