Hot African Gangs Terrorise Tyrrelstown Residents - Beat Up Old Irish Man

James Stephens

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Aug 12, 2018
theres too many polish they're gone down a bit but theres still way too many

poland has a population of 39 million
way bigger and they have a growing economy

theres 4.2 million native irish in 2018 and 600 000 planters/invaders in the (republic)

haven't done the figures for the north but theres about estimated 5 million native irish people on this island
Polish population is proportionate to our population in England.

jon 1000's of irish f

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May 27, 2018
Gotta love this guy; he can tell if somebody is mentally ill by reading posts on a chat site. Amazing he can read at all, poor sod can't spell his own shagging name let alone write a coherent sentence, then tells the literate members of the board that they're all mentally ill.

The name alone's a gas: jon 1000's of irish f

Must be hilarious when they call for him on the intercom out in Grangegorman:

'Calling jon 1000's of irish f! Calling jon 1000's of irish f! Please make your way to the shock therapy room immediately. Your electrician is here to rewire your frontal lobe and your Momma's on the phone looking for her thesaurus back. Calling jon 1000's of irish f, calling jon 1000's of irish f! Come in now - break time's over!'

Nah, I cooked some up but then dumped the lot.

There isn't even an argument here - this is just childlike mud-slinging.

Wait until you've read some of these next responses.

So apparently you seriously think referring to the male Mowl as 'she' is going to hurt me?

Holy Mary, mother of fuck all, but you're dumb.

Note also how jon 1,000s of irish f LIKED this post?

You two are a right pair of distended lips on a burst old vagina.

I never said any such thing, George.

You did.

Have they asked what they should do about ours?

We have Irish criminals in prisons all over the world.

Are you seriously trying to sell Irish criminals as 'better' or more 'worthy' than their European counterparts?


Dude here thinks a guy's going to get his feathers in a heap because he's been called a 'woman'.

You have to laugh; I do. The irony's delicious. I'll give you one to savour though, just because you've let your blatant racism and outright misogyny slip. When I was in secondary school I was given a new nickname by my classmates. Or rather, a new title - because it wasn't actually a name. Every morning when I'd walk into class, my school-mates would instead sing the entire first verse of John Lennon's 'Woman' at top voice to welcome me.

That's how pretty I am, Chips.

Very, very pretty.

And smart.

Unlike jon 1,000s of irish f - who again LIKED your dumb-ass post.

Poor jon 1,000s of irish f.

Even after editing his post - this is all you get.

I'm supposed to feel offended at being referred to as female?

Honestly; you crazy kids have so much growing up to do.

You seem to know a lot about cats and ladies, jon 1,000s of irish f.

Not to mention mental illness.

Best of luck with the therapy, mate: a battery recharge is likely good for you.

Also, any answer to my question?

I've only repeated it seven times for you, let's try again, shall we?

If road rage were a factor in the killing of that Australian man by those two Irish plebians, how does it justify murder?

That's the seventh time, jon 1,000s of irish f.

Do try to keep up, eh?

I know.

It disgusts me.

I think it would be a great idea for Ireland to invest in a giant catapult.
We could set it up on the Cliffs Of Moher, pointing out into the Atlantic.
Then put you in it and send you to where you belong: at the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.
I mean you already qualify on two of your three criteria above: low IQ, legally insane.

What does that even mean, jon 1,000's of irish f?

Honestly, go back to school and redo your intermediate and leaving certificates.

It's a right fucking embarrassment even trying to decipher your scrawl.

I suggest basic spelling, punctuation, grammar, and actual content.

You write like a special needs child pisses when standing up at the bowl: everywhere gets hit except the target.

So is taking a shit - but that doesn't make it okay or acceptable in full public view.

Except in your case you hide behind your cowardly anonymity while spouting vexatious rhetoric about race and creed. There's nothing brave or new about that, we see it every day all over the internet. Perhaps if you're a true racist and you really believe in what you say you might reveal who you really are?


Thought not.

Cowardism is equally unnatural and unhealthy to me.

And you're fucking full of it, you racist coward.

Two people LIKED this post.

Could either of them actually decipher it for us and explain what jon 1,000s of irish f is trying to say?

It reads to me like the very thing a special needs child might piss out on the floor like some cryptic clue to something.

Such homogeny is an impossibility in the modern world, you do realize this simple fact?

I'm not for opening any floodgates and having half of Saharan Africa descend on our tiny little island, but we can't have it both ways. We send out dodgy immigrants too; some of them are real shitebags, like the two killers from Donegal dragged up for murdering an Australian man last week. A murder that the brainless jon 1,000's of irish f thinks is justified if there was any road rage attached to it. Imagine the likes of jon 1,000s of irish f emigrating to say, Latvia or Estonia and getting a driver's license and then being allowed to mete out murder for traffic offences?

Doesn't really work, does it?

So a bit like Paddy taking off for the bright lights of New York and Boston and leaving the stony grey soil of Roscommon behind him then?

Cool story: carry on.

Half the board (including you) complaining about the shitty quality of life you get to live under the Fine Gael/Fianna Fail feifdom and yet you contradict that by saying Hanz from Tallin or Vilnius has it easy? Ever been to Tallin, jon 1,0000s of irish f? Ever been fucking anywhere, you complete mong?

Don't be silly, Kershaw: Paddy's way too lazy to get up off his arse and do anything. Instead he'll do what jon 1,000s of irish f might do: scribble a few angry words onto a discussion site and go back to the pub feeling all full of himself.


What you gonna do, tough guy?
Deny them that 10c coin in your damp pocket?
Start up the gas chambers?
Join the Ministry of Funny Walks?

Try selling that to the other EU member states where Irish people find themselves out of work through no fault of their own.


All the sick shit and useless that went abroad with legitimate Irish emigrants then come flooding back.

Finally; a reasonable point. I see no issue or problems with this.

Poor jon 1,000s of irish f.

Did you think I was living in Sweden?

Awww....poor pet: thinks the entire world 'mentally ill' but himself.

Yes, I have been to Africa, I wrote all about on the thread about the two Scandinavian ladies getting hacked up over on the Atlas Mountains two weeks back. I enjoyed my time there and had few problems with the natives outside of the language barriers. But then: I went there with the intention on respecting and absorbing their way of life, I didn't try to impose mine on them. Because that would be a very insulting and disrespectful thing to do; not to mention fucking dangerous.

A bit like the system here in Finland: arriving refugees are quickly processed either in or out and then given fairly immediate tasks in order to assimilate into the local culture and society. Language being step one, it's compulsory. You're offered a variety of free and state-assisted Finnish language classes in a variety of locations and timetables suitable for your needs. Day courses, night courses, weekend courses, and other packages. To receive any state support, they must comply with full-time education and as soon as that's complete they're off to trade schools, technical colleges, hospitality, nursing, childcare, or whatever their chosen avenue is.

They're brought up to speed with the local national standard.

If they fuck it up, then they're cut off and left to fend for themselves.

Which is impossible up here: there is no black market for employees - full stop.

No Finnish business would EVER take that risk, and no foreign business would even get so much as a chance to.

Vero/tax departments watch every fucking dime that moves, and every dime must be accounted for.

The state watches every citizen and what they do, and every person's actions and activities also must be accounted for.

It's called running a ship-shape progressive social democracy that has no holes in it.

Every angle is covered so even Paddy with his thick neck couldn't blag a damn thing from it.

And believe me; there's some right Irish scumbags up here: I avoid them like the plague.

Firstly, I don't believe in any Gods.

Secondly, you can jump all the hoops you want - but it's not going to change the facts: you now have a Polish man with a murder conviction hanging over him in an Irish prison for killing his own mother. It was ye who took him in, not me. He ain't my problem: he's yours, you half-wit. It's your tax dollars that'll pay for his bed in a high security lock-up out in Grangegorman or Saint Loman's, not mine.

Sadly for you bitches, Finland is much tighter about who gets in the door, then they're even tighter again with all the criteria that an arriving immigrant from any destination must fulfill. But back on the damp little island, everything's as ramshackle and barely strung-together as ever. Half the companies I worked for when I last went home on a tour have immigrants working their kitchens and wash stands for cash in hand. I say half, but it was only half that I investigated. I got bored after that.

Who do you blame for that then?

Thank you for that.

That was very, er....yeah.

Conclusive - that was the word I was searching for: conclusive and absolute.

So I think my work here is done.

I said already that I have no wish to associate with extremists of any kind, but by giving you all enough rope, you predictably managed to collectively hang yourselves and expose the true heart of your bitterness, fear, and racism. I don't disagree with tougher border controls, I don't disagree with criteria needing to be met, I don't disagree with thorough vetting and investigation, and I do not disagree with deporting criminal immigrants.

What I do disagree with is this base animalistic language you racist extremists of the board use.

You do neither yourselves nor the dignity and intelligence of Ireland and her people any favours.

You guys come across like a lynching posse with blood and hair in your teeth.

I am not a part of your army, I do see eye to eye with you.

And I will not participate any further in you lot trying to justify your blood-lust.

This entire stark and foreboding thread is a diary of every wrong committed by immigrants in Ireland.

But it's also a thread that shows that most of you refuse to recognize that Irish immigrants are also frequently evil.

You deny the latter and attempt to obfuscate the overall issue by referring to road rage as a justification for murder while at the same time calling any and every dark-skinned immigrant a wog or a n*gger. It stinks of White Supremacy. It's more like an extreme Stormfront thread than anything I've read on any Irish discussion site I've ever read or contributed to. I will not associate with creeps like you tiny-minded serfs who see only one way out: either kill the all or set them out to sea without oars. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but then: anonymity's great cover, innit lads? Very fucking brave, aren't ye?

tapanga name meaning

George Dillon

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Nov 6, 2018
The mud races are the problem, not Eastern European People
What's so wonderful about Snow Whites like Russians, Latvians, Poles?
Their presence is a knife at the throat of Irish ethnicity and nationality.
They're not even culturally interesting.

You're happy to be a citizenship of Nova Polskaya?
Not me.
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George Dillon

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Nov 6, 2018
I see a fellow called Ogebwe is again before the courts for what the Indo calls a 'botched' circumcision.
(Would all be well if he hadn't botched it?)

His solicitor informed the court that his client had 'lodged his passport with the Gardai.'

Shouldn't that be 'lodged one of his passports'?

Tadhg Gaelach

Jan 14, 2016
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What's so wonderful about Snow Whites like Russians, Latvians, Poles?
Their presence is a knife at the throat of Irish ethnicity and nationality.
They're not even culturally interesting.

You're happy to be a citizenship of Nova Polskaya?
Not me.
The Slavs are a warlike and expansionist race. Have a look at the map and see how successful they have been at conquering land - much much more than the Germans. And they have extended their population to over 300 million people.



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Nov 28, 2018
Just last week a man was stabbed multiple times in a frenzied attack on a train in England, in front of his young son. He died being cradled in his sons arms. The stabber got away, and a massive manhunt was soon in operation. Not a single local or National UK media outlet, or police would give a exact description of the perpetrator, of the horrendous crime . You would think in appealing for public help to catch the killer , they would a least give the public a clue of what the suspect looked like. No surprise when the truth started to emerge on social media , that once again the stabber was of "very dark brown " variety, or non indigenous. This is the lengths they are now sickly going to to hide the ethnic background of the new "British phenomenon" of stabbing crime. The same tactic will be used to hide non indigenous crime in Ireland very soon. .
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