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Keith Woods About Keith Woods

Irish McCeltunstein

PI Member
PI Member
Jul 31, 2019
That "Strucker" fellow seems to suffer from mental retardation.
You can easily track Keith's rise in popularity via Morgoth and subsequently Milleniule.

You'd have to be a real spastic to promote this Strucker characters ideas... especially if one has seen this rise first hand. We ourselves on PI have added a few more listeners of Keith's ideas.

This Strucker character is worse than retarded. He's another one of those lackeys trying to signal to his betters, "I'll lie through my teeth for you, if you'll just give me a few crumbs".

There's always gainful employment to be had if you prostrate yourself like Strucker is doing.


PI Member
PI Member
Dec 15, 2018
How did it go?

Very entertaining, but he is mad as box of frogs. In fairness Keith managed to get a word in here or there. But McAfee's libertarianism is too at odds, I would say, for a meeting of minds so Keith just rolled with it.

It'll probable be up on Youtube soon enough so I won't spoil it any cause there are some great laugh out loud moments, some for Woods' reactions