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Feb 5, 2019
Irish Channel focuses on Ireland Channel active since October 2016



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Sep 12, 2018
Critiqued was banned on youtube but he has a new channel on bitchute.


Olli Rehn

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Oct 30, 2015
Critiiqued is look for help with upgrading his equipment. Chuck him a few quid if you can here:

His Telegram post about it
Is he playing the same game as Tommy Robinson?

Reactions as Tommy Robinson accused of spending donations on ‘coke and nights out’ (

Samuel K on Twitter: "'Tommy Robinson' is a scammer." / Twitter

Tommy Robinson denies spending supporters' donations 'on coke and prostitutes' | Metro News


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Feb 3, 2021
Critiqued is a strange one. Personally I will admit he is not my cup of tea to say the least.. He is always looking for donations, or help, even after the mic thing. I was commenting on his channel, and he gave out loads to myself and IrishDublinTV, about how he is not getting donations, he would personally attack a few people on his channel, not just the one or two. I get a bad vibe off him, he then said when he goes to a protest ( one of his first protests) I think it was yellow vests or something along those lines, he said if anyone came up behind him, or ''startled him'' he would give them one whack.

He is hot headed, and a bar stool know all. I prefer The Don, because at least he knows what he's talking about, he comes across as more sincere and confident and he is measured in any critisisms he has, of anyone or anything, in otherwords more sane. Critiqued sometimes spews, while Don, has facts and talks around that, and along those lines. He has real tangible material for scrutiny, and YET, doesn't hound people for donations for this and that. I know Mark Malone had a go at Critiqued for that, saying he was I think if i remember correctly ''Paul O Neill from Edenderry'', but I wouldn't take much notice of that, he is a professional marxist moaner anyway, he will find someone else to moan about soon enough im sure. I suspect the Don has a personal life, Critiqued not so much. Character flaws are to blame for that I would say.
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