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bells of shandon

PI Member
Jun 13, 2019
RTE has well earned the derisory term Paddys Pravda.
We live in a Totalitarian State ,where our thoughts and opinions are formulated by the controlled Media, if you are stupid enough to use it.
Boycott RTE , defund it for your peace of mind. while your Taxes being misused to brainwash you,
Feb 2, 2020
Just an opinion, but this guy could be a very good spokesman, I mean public-ly...not just on the internet.
He's very well-spoken, knows how to listen to his guest without interrupting before he makes his point. He's been to most of the recent rallies, sets up, records, edits properly so it doesn't sound amateur. He's professional in his approach. Maybe he just prefers to have control over his output atm. A lot of content creators are shy about speaking in public. He's doing his bit, but yes he would be a great spokesman.
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