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A 32 county League of Ireland?


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Jun 28, 2020
It's no secret that the League of Ireland is in every way conceivable an amateur league with football teams that leave much to be desired in terms of gameplay and overall skill levels. Perhaps one factor is that for a small country of about 4 million people, the best of players are spread out too thinly over too many teams with nearly every town with a population of barely 10,000 having it's own. England by comparison has 55 million people or thereabouts and the Greater London Area alone has a population three times greater than that of the entire Republic of Ireland.

Would a 32 All-Ireland LoI model akin to the GAA model be a better way to go about organising things perhaps? I'd imagine that a Dublin FC for instance would be a decent enough team having it's pick of the best players from among Shelbourne / Bohs / Pats / Rovers etc. A Dublin FC might also be a team that could perhaps even compete in European championships and do decently.


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