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7 April: 1973 - John Charles McQuaid, the old Archbishop of Dublin, died on this day

Myles O'Reilly

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Feb 3, 2017
I have reported your stupid post. I work gratis with high profile paedo catchers, as it happens. You have defamed the dead, you have dates and times mixed up and now you defame me in your madness. |You seem incapable of making a point.

I only said Barrett is damaged goods. Its a rather obvious point Sir.

Max the Axe

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Feb 19, 2021
I only said Barrett is damaged goods. Its a rather obvious point Sir.
He is much more damaged and compromised than that. There is so much evil and manipulation that we must wonder about these fallen angels. Just how far have they fallen?
Thanks to your INFORMED post, I google said gent and get this: it was actually a meeting of Sunday Independent journalist Liam Collins and the same newspaper's security correspondent Jim Cusack that led to its publication.[7]
Anything involving Jim Cusack is uber dodgy. It certainly fits in with my PBP thesis, which which much more relevant today than is the saintly Archbishop McQuaid.


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Jan 25, 2019
Again, you are talking pure and utter shit. Archbishop McQuaid was friends with dissident priests. He was also friends with "the head of a killer organisation", Jim O'Donovan who was at the heart of the Tan Ware and the IRA's English bombing campaign during the 1940s and who would have had no problem putting you in a ditch for your blasphemy.
Very poorly written. Are you claiming McQuaid was involved with the IRA

The Field Marshal

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Oct 2, 2018
He stirred things up a bit but never actually broke with the Church

- a bit like a modern version of Erasmus

His 'Does God Exist? looks interesting....

Might get a copy of that methinks.
Kungs theology is truly diseased.
Anybody who takes it seriously will contract spiritual ebola.


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Jan 25, 2019
When I was being raped in the Sacristy of East Meath Church ,The Priest kept saying that he was making me a child of god. I could hardly walk for couple of days . It was my second rape , first one was when i was about six. Boy rape has been going on in all religions.
I don't think this is Mowl. Mowl lives in Helsinki Finland in a hostel. They are 2 hours ahead of us time wise and that post would have been after 12 midnight. Mowl takes his meds about 4pm Irish time and sleeps until about 9 am Irish time. He never posts after about 6 pm Irish time. I have
never seen a post so late. Therefore it cannot be him.
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Sep 4, 2018
In fact having a silver spoon upbringing is to my favour. I did not have to be concerned for my fellow country men. I had far more brains than most and
I made a lot of money. But there is still time to campaign and to make sure Irish people are never subject to this oppression. They have an inferiority complex, I don't. When my children were coming on my biggest concern was to make sure they would not be beaten like I was and it worked.

They were not beaten and they are far better men and women for it, The beating was systematic it was done for the sake of it. It was not for bad behaviour
it was for pleasure. My school days started in 1957, McQuaid was in full control for all of it. Every single bit

What was he in control of?


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Mar 26, 2021
How come if Women are so Dis-Satisfied with Society that they do Not set up their Own Societies ~ ~ The only way to show that you can do so much better is ~ To Do It !

It shouldn't be a case of " showing we can do much better " or having to compete with men.
Equality should be automatically offered to both within religions, Churches and state institutions .
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