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4K panoramic view of Earth from aboard ISS


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Dec 22, 2015
"In a new installment of RT’s pioneering 360° video documentary from the International Space Station, cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko takes us to the favorite part of the station “of all crew members” – the Cupola, mounted on the Earth-facing side of the ISS.

RT will be regularly uploading segments from the Space 360 project – a joint initiative of RT, Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, and Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, the manufacturer of the Soyuz, with Russian cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko as host and tour guide."
Space 360: RT reveals first-ever 4K panoramic view of Earth from aboard ISS

Breathtaking, please enjoy.

View: https://youtu.be/9oEsN9A9bmw
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