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  1. D

    Is it all over for the Trump?

    Is it all over for the Donald? With his former admitting to wrongdoing on his behalf it looks like the Nixon scandal all over again. S&P futures briefly fell after President Donald Trump's former lawyer, pleading guilty on Tuesday, said a candidate for federal office directed him to pay off a...
  2. ntp

    American Deported Veterans

    Hello everyone, Have you ever heard of veterans from the US Armed Forces that ended up being deported? This is the English version of a report that I've published in a Portuguese outlet. Would like to know your thoughts about it. The deported veterans of America Thanks
  3. Friendlymouse

    Video Alex Jones

    I love watching Alex Jones, decided to start a thread on him and his videos.
  4. Belgrade

    Obama - cool or fool?

    With only weeks and months left of Barack Obama`s historic 8 years in office, has his latest stunt displayed him to be a fool or is he simply cool? We are all used to Obama doing a few firsts that we are unused to seeing from a President, but is this a good thing or is he far from being cool...
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