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  1. Superhans

    Poll Irish Presidential Election 2018

    Irish Presidential Election 2018 The Presidential Election is to be held on Friday 26 October 2018 Who are the candidates? Michael D Higgins The sitting President, 77, was born in Limerick and had an academic career in the 1960s-70s, teaching sociology in Ireland and the United...
  2. Liverpool

    Would you accept the white Irish becoming a minority to continue helping people?

    Ballyhaunis a small town in Mayo now has white Irish people in the minority where they are now just making up 40% of the town. Its even worse when you look at the figures for White Irish kids with only 28% of the community school, being white Irish. According to local media its great in...
  3. pilgrim

    Genocide and Tyranny of the Irish People - Phoenix Rising Anglo-Bank/New Central Bank Strike 2013

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF TRUTH-GRAF PROTEST ON ANGLO-BANK/NEW CENTRAL BANK HQ, WEDNESDAY 5th JUNE 2013 Phoenix Rising. (For release 14th January 2014) Genocide and Tyranny of the Irish People It is the actions of the bankers...
  4. Cassandra Syndrome

    Irish Economy still on course for complete collapse.

    Earlier in this year I predicted that the Irish economy would collapse very soon, regrettably it is still the case that we are very much on course as the real economy is now showing signs of a nose dive whilst the government continues to plunge out leprechaun economics. Recent Data has...
  5. Kev

    Celebrate the Centenary - Learn Irish in 2016

    2016 - 100 years on from the Easter Rising, a great time to rekindle your mother tongue! :) LOTS of great resources to get you started here: Duo-Lingo: Fun and Free, step-by-step course available online or App: www.duolingo.com Learn Irish with Liam O Maonlai: Free Irish Course from the...
  6. TheKing

    Time to forget St Patrick's day, and celebrate something actually IRISH!

    How many of you know St Patrick is a Brit? Thats right folks, today you will be raising a glass to a British man, who was born in Britain to British Roman parents. So just why to we celebrate our national day in recognition of a British man? Is it a tie over from the days of when we were ruled...
  7. SwingSister

    Parnell, O'Connell and Redmond involved in 1916?

    It seems the state-sponsored revisionism is now reaching epic levels. What Parnell, Grattan, O'Connell and Redmond had to do with the Rising is anyone's guess... But of course, the more discerning will already know what the implication is here. Paddy using violence = bad
  8. Coldfish

    Irish people who have never left Ireland are thick.

    I have travelled the world and been to many wonderful countries. As an Irish person I take great pride in my country and believe it to be one of the best countries in the world to live in. Traveling the world has given me a deep insight into other cultures and customs, I have seen deserts...
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