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  1. blackout

    Ireland Gadaffi documentary on Rte "In League with Gadaffi"

    Seemed to be a good program, didnt see any bias in it and the people in the documentary had no nefarious agenda, thats something very rare (non existant) from rte in 2019. The criticism was also lighthearted and it was more or less explained that the Libyan Jamahiriya was on edge after the...
  2. A

    Smick FM - A Podcast by Fenians for Fenians about Fenians

    Hi all, I just want to share a new Irish nationalist podcast that's been running for a few weeks now, very good guys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMi6y5WTqeGog7P5i512oKA Please check them out, like/share/subscribe if you enjoy! I'll update this thread with new episodes as they're posted.
  3. page61

    The Hooded Men

    Once again the Hooded men take a case against the British Government of the torture they received in the 1970s It was during this time that the 5 techniques were tried and tested once again by the British army . These techniques, though not new were to be the main stay of torture methods still...
  4. johnhan279

    RTE and the immigration NGO's, Partners in churnalism

    Here's a typical RTE news story on Immigration. Criticism of asylum seeker education restrictions 1. First of , We have a foreign funded NGO in this case the "refugee council" largely funded by Chuck Feeney (put also by the EU and the taxpayer) (BTW Whose CEO is on 57,000 a year, nice work if...
  5. TheIrishRight

    "The Irish dont own Ireland" -Joe Duffy

  6. The Irish Patriot

    The Irish Patriot

    Hello my name is Niall. I have a YouTube Channel The Irish Patriot. I cover mass immigration, Irish history and Irish Nationalism. I do live streams daily with great guests. Please subscribe to my channel below and show your support. The Irish Patriot Go raibh mile maith agat
  7. Atlantean Irish

    TELL THEM YOU ARE IRELAND AND IRELAND HAS AWOKEN - #DirectPlantation Meetings - Their Tactics and How to Voice Opposition

    This article contains 2 parts: Apologies about matching videos. Youtube keeps deleting videos with anything to do with exposing mass-immigration. The first part shows the meek and servile responses of an emotionally manipulated/blackmailed, guilt-tripped, threatened, bullied oppressed Irish...
  8. Truthisfree

    Presidential Power.

    I am dismayed to see various presidential canditates speak about what they will do when in power, most of it is complete nonsense . The President of Ireland is the head of state, not government and has a very limited range of powers and functions. Many of the President’s functions are automatic...
  9. Kershaw

    Religion removed as a factor for school admissions (but only for Catholic schools)

    Religion removed as a factor for school admissions (but only for Catholic schools) The minister for Education, Richard Bruton says that religion has been removed as a factor that can be used in admissions in "virtually all" schools. What he means by "virtually all" is that only Catholic...
  10. Superhans

    Poll Irish Presidential Election 2018

    Irish Presidential Election 2018 The Presidential Election is to be held on Friday 26 October 2018 Who are the candidates? Michael D Higgins The sitting President, 77, was born in Limerick and had an academic career in the 1960s-70s, teaching sociology in Ireland and the United...
  11. Liverpool

    Would you accept the white Irish becoming a minority to continue helping people?

    Ballyhaunis a small town in Mayo now has white Irish people in the minority where they are now just making up 40% of the town. Its even worse when you look at the figures for White Irish kids with only 28% of the community school, being white Irish. According to local media its great in...
  12. Celtic Savage

    Ireland Has Become the Poster Child for Globalism

    Videos relating to Ireland. I didn't know where to post them appropriately, but I think they all tie in with each other and what's going on in Ireland lately with political correctness and mass immigration.
  13. pilgrim

    Genocide and Tyranny of the Irish People - Phoenix Rising Anglo-Bank/New Central Bank Strike 2013

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF TRUTH-GRAF PROTEST ON ANGLO-BANK/NEW CENTRAL BANK HQ, WEDNESDAY 5th JUNE 2013 Phoenix Rising. (For release 14th January 2014) Genocide and Tyranny of the Irish People It is the actions of the bankers...
  14. Kershaw

    Irish Census 2016

    Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 1 out today http://www.cso.ie/en/csolatestnews/presspages/2017/census2016summaryresults-part1/ Census 2016 results show that Ireland’s population stood at 4,761,865 in April 2016, an increase of 173,613 (3.8%) since April 2011. The total number of non-Irish...
  15. Cassandra Syndrome

    Irish Economy still on course for complete collapse.

    Earlier in this year I predicted that the Irish economy would collapse very soon, regrettably it is still the case that we are very much on course as the real economy is now showing signs of a nose dive whilst the government continues to plunge out leprechaun economics. Recent Data has...
  16. TheKing

    Time to forget St Patrick's day, and celebrate something actually IRISH!

    How many of you know St Patrick is a Brit? Thats right folks, today you will be raising a glass to a British man, who was born in Britain to British Roman parents. So just why to we celebrate our national day in recognition of a British man? Is it a tie over from the days of when we were ruled...
  17. Liverpool

    Euro 2016 Chat!

    Its getting closer to the time where men play real football on the international stage. These are the kits for Euro 2016!
  18. Sinbad

    Would you like to see a united Ireland in your lifetime?

    During a discussion with Ren on another Thread the topic if Irish reunification came up. Ren firmly believes that the people of Ireland want to see Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland reunited. To defend this claim he uses a poll that was conducted by RTE last year to show huge popularity...
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