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  1. Dublin 4

    Hot ☠ Brendan Keenan's "Bleak Omens" for Europe! ☠

    This is an ol Golden Oldie of mine from P.ie from the 25th March 2013, 10:12 AM You can judge for yourselves by way of the recent Elections in Greece, Spain & Portugal that I was indeed correct & the Eurozone is continuing to tear itself apart. This crisis is only beginning and omens for...
  2. Dublin 4

    Hot The "Wee Small Hours" Insomniacs Thread

    For all you P.irish Junkies like me who's lives are so empty & sad (joking)  :) please post your late Night Musings. Whether you're getting up to the Loo & just having a nosey, or twisting & turning in yer Scratcher unable to catch a few Zees, let the World know what's on your mind, keeping...
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