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  1. Cassandra Syndrome

    Irish Economy still on course for complete collapse.

    Earlier in this year I predicted that the Irish economy would collapse very soon, regrettably it is still the case that we are very much on course as the real economy is now showing signs of a nose dive whilst the government continues to plunge out leprechaun economics. Recent Data has...
  2. Cassandra Syndrome

    Ireland heading towards a bigger crash than in 2008

    Recent growth reports on Ireland have suggested we are moving towards sound economic waters as the country continues to defy all the history books and continues to recover at rates never before seen. The recent headlines show Ireland is positively booming. Irish economic growth hits 7% as...
  3. Westmeath Gael

    NAMA to return a profit of 2bn to taxpayer

    NAMA, which is 3 years ahead of target, will return a profit of some 2 billion to the taxpayer. "We remain on course to eliminate this contingent liability in full by 2018 and, through our strategic programmes of disposals and investment, to deliver an overall surplus of €2bn for Irish...
  4. truthseeker

    Oil Producers Don't Believe The Oil Rally: Credit Suisse Explains

    Oil Producers Don't Believe The Oil Rally: Credit Suisse Explains http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-12/why-oil-producers-dont-believe-oil-rally-credit-suisse-explains So its just a temporary bubble, artificially inflated. The real test is that the oil companies don`t even believe...
  5. Neutron

    Irish economic growth of 7.8% tops euro zone again

    New preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office show that GDP increased by 7.8% for the whole of 2015 - the fastest pace of growth since 2000. This made it the fastest growing economy in the Europe Union for the second successive year after growth accelerated sharply in the final...
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