1. TheIrishRight

    Irish Nationalist Radio ?

    The idea of setting up some sort of radio station that caters to Irish Nationalists came up in another thread. I've created this thread for the purpose of discussing the feasibility of such a project. -Pros -Cons -Ways of realising this Its early days but I will update here as I gather more...
  2. TheIrishRight

    Free Speech protest: Dáil Eireann Feb 1st

    Despite all Nationalist parties busy campaigning and canvassing, patriots have shown up at Dáil Eireann to show that Free Speech matters. Éire go bragh
  3. TheIrishRight

    Twitter going full safe space with latest updates

    Wanna bet Charles 'the Planter' Flanagan will be using the 'Statement setting?
  4. TheIrishRight

    Abortion Fetishists try to block screening of Pro Life film in Galway

    Of course, 'brown joe' is also seething, guess he hasnt taken his meds yet.
  5. page61

    BIg brother VS China or North Korea

    I was reading through previous threads on the subject of smart TVs ,Phones , laptops , I Pads etc which monitor your preferences and likes , selling them on to a third party. This effects the price of the product you are going to buy. eg a 42 Ins TV would have cost X amount 15 years ago would...
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