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    Most Europeans have concerns about abortion

    After immigration, abortion is the next big issue for Europeans when voting? Why is the pro-life movement on the rise across Europe? It's because people are waking up to the reality of abortion! Agenda Europe is a new movement that promotes pro-life and pro-family policies. They also plan to...
  2. BrightFuture

    TV3 debate tonight - get involved!

    Final debate of the Irish Abortion Referendum, during which we've seen foreign intervention from the likes of ((George Soros)), and Google. The Vote is to take place on Friday the 25th Debate starts at 10:00pm tonight Debate will be on TV3's 'The Pat Kenny Show', which can be seen via livestream...
  3. A

    REPEAL are a terrorist organisation

    They just wear their REPEAL jumpers and think they are in the IRA by wanting to kill pro-life campaigners.
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