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I'm a dyed in the wool leftie. So why does media labelled "far right" politician Geert Wilders seem to me to be talking so much sense here? Mr Wilders, a Dutch patriot, campaigns for a better Europe without the EU unaccountable bureaucracy, and maintains that more freedom and more Islam are mutually exclusive things. Mr Wilders is notorious for his short film "fitna". No surprises to hear that he is under 24 hour armed guard to protect him from Islamic fundamentalists. The...
Needless to say EU sycophant Leo and Simon "Bilderberg" Coveney are both gung ho behind this. What have our traitorous politicians just done?
Unbelievable!! Ostensibly as part of a program for preventing "revenge porn", Facebook are requesting users 18-45 in Australia to send them nude pictures of themselves. And I have no doubt many will actually do so. Has people's naivete and trust in these predatory internet companies reached unprecedented levels of stupidity?? Will people ever learn? No doubt Facebook will find nefarious ways to monetise the collection of this this very intimate data. Perhaps a special secret...
The latest Paradise files revelations are being spun by a servile western media as "the Putin files". Quelle surpris. So were previous leaks like the panama files :rolleyes: But while the intent of these leaks may or may not have been an intelligence operation intended to smear Trump and Putin, posters here know that there are also thousands of other corporate and individual high profile tax dodgers implicated in this latest leak including such well known parasitical scumbags celebrities...
Well she sure does resemble Medusa doesn't she! :p But she's far uglier on the inside IMHO Here she is desperately trying to get the famous laptop back by bullying the police commissioner Now that Alvi Awan wife of former IT staffer Imran Awan is coming back from pakistan to testify Where is this all going? What is on the laptop that DWS is so desperate to cover up?
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