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Gerhard Dengler Blogs

Any fans of the Star Trek series here? During lockdown I was scanning the TV channels and I saw the "Horror Channel" were showing the original Star Trek series each evening. I remember watching the original ST series as a kid, and it was show that is a really happy memory from childhood so to get to see all of the original episodes again was great. I used tell the kids about how we used watch it when we were kids but it wasn't on TV much when they were growing up. But one of the kids told...
An interesting post thread created here When we were Poor : Ireland 1980 - 1994 is being deliberately trolled unfortunately. Some great posts are being ignored and instead the thread is being trolled to try to discuss religion instead. Please feel free to carry on a troll free discussion about whether or not Ireland 1980 - 1994 was poor.
National Union of Journalists (NUJ) is the group which represents members of the journalism industry, and the NUJ claims to set standards which it's membership are supposed to adhere to. The membership of the NUJ is not confined to journalists only. A full list of the occupations described as "journalistic" can be found here About NUJ is a British organisation with an Irish Office at Store Street. The Irish office is called Irish Executive Council (of NUJ). NUJ members are expected to...
This morning the sad news is reported of the death of John Hume, former First Minister for Northern Ireland, founder and leader for three decades of the SDLP. Hume was also an active participant for the Credit Union movement. Hume also received the Nobel Peace Prize Hume started his political activity in civil rights campaigning. May he rest in peace and sincere condolences to his family and friends
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